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  • Mr Savvas Dimitriou: Embryology Technician, Aberdeen Fertility Centre, UK.  
  • Miss Monique Pedroza: PhD student, Genetics Department, Yale, USA. 
  • Miss Millicenta Ampiah: Laboratory Technician, Juno Genetics, UK. 
  • Miss Ruby Walker: Operations Analyst, London Women's Clinic, UK. 
  • Dr Sarah Umarghanies: Clinical Medicine, Indonesia. 
  • Miss Jemma Garrett: Research Associate, University of Kent, UK. 
  • Dr Chuor De Garang Alier Chuor: Embryologist, Dar IVF & Fertility Clinic, Tanzania. 
  • Miss Madison Eisler: Healthcare Science Practitioner, European Sperm Bank, UK.
  • Miss Malavika Nair: Programme Director, Menstrual and Reproductive Health Project, Devi, India. 
  • Miss Leah McHugh: PhD Student, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK. 
  • Miss Michelle John: Trainee Biomedical Scientist, UK. 
  • Dr Iniabasi Etuk: Clinical Medicine, UK. 
  • Miss Halima Yusuf: PhD student, Department of Meiosis (Schuh lab), Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany.
  • Miss Nina Boskovic: PhD Student, MATER consortium, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. 
  • Miss Barbara Oravecz: Trainee Andrologist, London Sperm Bank, UK. 
  • Miss Yasmeen Zainal: Junior Embryologist, King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain. 
  • Miss Kayla Li: Medical Student, Miami, Florida, USA.