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Testimonials from Past and Present Students

We positively encourage feedback on our course at any time and constantly strive to develop the course content, scope and deliveryTestimonials from past and present students are provided below in an attempt to provide a general overview of how our students perceive the course. 

Miss pauline balder (CLASS OF 2021/22)

"My year as a student of the MSc in Clinical Embryology has been the most amazing and challenging experience. It was made clear to us from the very first week that the year was going to be intense, but that we would be closely guided and supported by the course staff – who I can now say really were always available to help us with both academic and personal matters. The course has helped me discover my specific interests within the field, as both the clinical and the academic aspects of embryology and (assisted) reproduction are extensively covered. By providing the very latest insights on clinical practice and academic findings straight from the source, this course allows you to understand the field and its shortcomings, which leaves you motivated and equipped to make a difference. The research project topics range from translational to very fundamental which allows you to choose a topic applicable to your interests and future perspectives. My year in Oxford has been an immeasurably valuable experience and I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of my cohort with whom I have made friendships and connections which I know I will sustain throughout my life."

mr banayot hosh (CLASS OF 2021/22)

"Get ready for a rewarding academic experience! The MSc in Clinical Embryology was an excellent course which has made me both better understand and appreciate the complexities of reproductive medicine. The course is composed of scientific, clinical, and research aspects which I felt was a well-balanced structure, gradually preparing you for the upcoming tasks ahead. Coming from a clinical background, I felt well supported by Kevin, Bec, Celine, and Laura during the various lab practicals, and the research project which included topics such as IVF, cryopreservation, and laser-assisted biopsies. The MSc team are approachable and are eager to help as much as they can. While the MSc course was undoubtably challenging at times, I can confidently say coming out that my knowledge of women’s and reproductive health, scientific writing, and laboratory skills have immensely improved. Additionally, the University of Oxford is an experience on its own including college events, and access to the Bodleian libraries which I felt grateful to be a part of. The course is one of a kind, and I would recommend it to any aspiring clinician-scientists interested in this field."


"I had a brilliant year as a student on the MSc in Clinical Embryology course. The dedication and commitment of the course director and the core staff to student education and welfare is unparalleled. Even during a roller coaster of a year with pandemic restrictions and last minute changes, our class was so well taken care and we never lost our sense of humour and comradery. I will always be very grateful for the ways in which Oxford has pushed and stretched me academically. This course is (very!) intense but the exposure to some of the brightest minds in the field was incredible as we had tutorials and lectures from academics who quite literally wrote the textbooks on IVF and pioneered the field. The coursework encompasses a multi-disciplinary focus on developmental biology, ethics, clinical application, and legal frameworks surrounding assisted reproductive technologies. Tutorials are stimulating and there is encouragement to keep up to date with the latest research from Oxford labs and further afield. Lab sessions learning embryo biopsy, in vitro maturation and sperm analysis were some of the highlights. Beyond the lab and classroom, Oxford offers so much (rowing, old pubs, lots of beautiful colleges) - it really was a magical year!"

Dr Loreli Mejia Fernandez (CLASS OF 2019/20)

"The most valuable, lifelong learning I got from the MSc in Clinical Embryology is that integrating the basic research with the clinical science is essential to develop better diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from reproductive disorders. The MSc is a well-organised course that helped us to develop our scientific skills, including scientific writing and critical thinking. It was extraordinary to receive lectures and performed laboratory practices with leading experts in each topic, that provided a comprehensive understanding of the reproductive field, including our awareness of ethics and regulations. The research projects during Trinity Term are aimed for every student to step outside of their comfort zones and bring out the best of them! Indeed, all the knowledge and skills taught in this course will allow demonstrating the scientific capacity and independence of any student willing to become an outstanding professional in reproductive sciences. I must highlight the incredible job from the course staff, who is entirely committed to supporting each student on accomplishing their goals. Without any doubt, the MSc in Clinical Embryology at Oxford was a challenging and transformative experience which was crucial to develop my inner scientific spirit and my career. Possibilities for professional and personal advancement are infinite while being at Oxford!"

MISS Monique pedroza (CLASS OF 2018/19)

"The MSc in Clinical Embryology course has taught me to be comfortable with being a beginner. Everyday I was presented with a new challenge whether it be learning a new technique in the lab or discussing the ethical implications of a novel technology in assisted reproductive medicine. This constant academic evolution continued into my research project where I applied my critical problem solving skills in a lab setting. This course has given me the confidence to enter the realm of science by teaching me not only how to communicate my research but how to defend it. I am grateful for the invaluable experiences this course has provided me. For example, the opportunity to engage with leading scientists and clinicians in the field. I am also grateful for the non-academic aspects of life in Oxford such as the lifelong friends I have made in the course, college and Oxford football team. The experiences I have had in my academic and social circles has made my year in Oxford one of the most fulfilling years of my life." 


“Imagine how it is to be constantly challenged to think outside your normal boundaries and dared to step outside your comfort zones. This, in the combination of stimulating environment, world-class lecturers and top-notch educational methods helped us develop our personal and professional skills to the higher level. It certainly helped me to further develop in-depth ways of thinking, and to embrace a more critical view on matters and their solutions. I had an opportunity to do my research project in the world’s best embryology lab and I will always cherish that opportunity. Oxford is a place where the leaders of tomorrow are being made, and where I learnt an immeasurable amount about embryology, life, and myself.”

Dr Anthony Kayiira (Class of 2017/18)

"The MSc clinical embryology course awoke the scientist in me. I became proficient in scientific writing, critical thinking, experimental design and data presentation. As a clinical embryologist, I credit this course for helping me understand the mechanisms driving the physiology and pathophysiology of human reproduction. Furthermore, learning critical assisted reproductive techniques and interacting with renown scientists in the field overshot my expectations. This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the course staff, Kevin, Bec, Celine, Jenny and Laura, who were approachable and created a conducive environment for learning. In addition, they provided me with continuous support to achieve my academic and career goals. Ultimately, the course positively changed my perspective toward biomedical research and thus, I might have come in a clinician, but I left a clinical scientist".

Miss Charlotte Plow (Class of 2016/17)

"The MSc in Clinical Embryology has exceeded all my expectations. The quality of teaching from academics at the cutting edge of scientific research is second to none. The range of scientific and clinical topics our lectures covered really became apparent at conferences such as BAS and ESHRE – engagement with the wider scientific community was actively encouraged by the course staff and was a fantastic networking opportunity. The research and clinical laboratory experience has helped me realise my career goals, but moreover has enriched my CV and provided me with the platform to achieve them. The course staff are extremely dedicated to ensuring each student has the best learning experience and support possible – their attention to detail has rightly given them a world-renowned MSc course. I couldn’t have had a better experience and would do it all again in a heartbeat." 

Miss Barbara Dietrick (class of 2016/17)

“I obtained more knowledge, experience, and technical skills than I ever imagined possible from the MSc in Clinical Embryology course at the University of Oxford. I was not only challenged, but also inspired, due to a curriculum composed of lectures from leading clinical and research experts in the field. The laboratory practicals focused on teaching applicable techniques that my classmates and I would use both in our research projects and in our future careers. Due to this course, I was able to conduct research in a world-renown laboratory and learn dozens of valuable techniques to assist me on my never-ending quest to become a better scientist. The course staff supported and guided me in creating a successful and fulfilling experience on the course. Moreover, I learned an immense amount of knowledge and life experience from my classmates from around the world; I will forever be thankful for their wisdom and friendships.”


Dr Jonathan Lewin (Class of 2015/16) 

The Oxford MSc in Clinical Embryology was a life-changing experience. It not only provided me with the knowledge required to understand reproductive medicine, but also the skills to evaluate new evidence and emerging technologies such as pre-implantation genetic screening for aneuploidy and time-lapse embryo monitoring. It provided me with the opportunity to write a textbook chapter with a world-leader in the clinical field and to shadow eminent doctors and embryologists on clinical attachments. The course provides many more opportunities to get involved in all aspects of reproductive medicine - clinically, academically and in the industry. For me, one of the greatest assets that I've gained from the course is the wealth of people who I've met from the course, not only the fantastic lecturers, but also my classmates, many of whom have already received jobs or placements all over the world even before the end of the course.  The course is very demanding, however I have felt well supported at all times. Kevin, Celine, Bec, Laura and my laboratory supervisor have always been on-hand when times get tough with kind advice. However, for me the best thing about the course has been the fun and brilliant classmates from all over the world, many of whom I know I will be friends with for a long time.” 

Miss Tegan Ekanayake (Class of 2015/16) 

"Completing the MSc in Clinical Embryology at the University of Oxford has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. The facilities at the department are world-class and we have had the opportunity to be lectured from a wide range of clinicians, scientists and embryologists who are all experts in their field. The course staff; Kevin, Celine, Bec and Laura are lovely and approachable, and our small cohort of scientists and clinicians have become close friends over the past year. An unexpected bonus has been the experience of attending a university with a unique College system. My College is more like a community than a university institution, and it has been great to meet and socialise with people pursuing studies in different disciplines. My favourite part of the course has been the 3-month, dedicated research project that has enabled me to complete hands-on research in a working lab. Overall it has been a wonderful experience.

Miss Katarina Mitrovic (Class of 2014/15)

"The MSc Clinical Embryology course introduced me to every aspect of work and research in the field of reproductive biology. It was an amazing experience and I would do it all over again."  

Nana A. A. Said (Class of 2014/15)

"Enrolling for the MSc in Clinical Embryology in University of Oxford is the best academic decision I have ever made. It was amazing to meet and be taught by the most knowledgeable teachers and leading experts in the field of assisted reproductive technology. This course definitely shapes one's research, laboratory, clinical and management skills in preparation for a career in reproductive medicine. It was fascinatingly a life changing experience for me!" 

Dr Elena Zachariades (Class of 2013/2014)

"Oxford’s MSc in Clinical Embryology was an excellent experience and an essential introduction to the world of assisted reproduction. The curriculum was finely balanced between research and clinical lectures and further enhanced with hands-on training in a state of the art laboratory. The course was also privileged with attracting leading and highly respected expert scientists as invited lecturers such as Sir Richard Gardner. The staff were very supportive, approachable and friendly – always ready to provide their guidance. The skills learned are applicable to the workplace and hugely beneficial in the long term."  

Miss Ankita Upadhye (Class of 2012/2013)

"This course is amazing! It offers you a plethora of subjects correlating to the core topic, reproductive biology, making it multi-disciplinary. It is aptly structured for both clinicians and researchers. With a top notch faculty and affiliations with one of the best IVF centres in the UK, there is no asking for more. The best part, amongst all this hard work, is that you really get to have fun! It is indeed a well-designed course.

Miss Megan Bowles (Class of 2011/2012)

"Being an international student in a challenging academic environment may be of concern to some individuals; however as a member of the Masters in Clinical Embryology class 2012/2013 I have received more support and guidance than I could have ever hoped for. This very unique aspect of the course has been instrumental in the personal and academic development I have observed in myself over the duration of this year. I feel privileged to have been a part of a degree program where a plethora of additional experiences have been offered to me that complement the high-quality theoretical knowledge and provide a more holistic perspective of the process of assisted conception. The most memorable and enjoyable of these experiences was the one-on-one training in micromanipulation techniques from senior embryologists at the Oxford Fertility Unit. Over and above all of this, the most valued aspect of the course has been the relationships formed with staff and fellow classmates; friendships I will cherish for many years to come." 

Dr. Natalia Barkalina (Class of 2011/2012)

"The MSc in Clinical Embryology course has been extremely rewarding. I particularly enjoyed the depth and well-balanced structure of the course, inspiring academic environment, and invaluable opportunities to learn from the leading experts in the field. The enormous level of support from course staff, and excellent teaching facilities, undoubtedly added to this unique experience. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone considering career in reproductive medicine or research.

Miss Sevanna Shahbazian (Class of 2010/2011)

"The MSc course in Clinical Embryology at Oxford University is a very well rounded course, providing a great balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of ART. The lectures are taught by leading experts, targeting a wide range of subjects and the lab practicals utilise state of the art facilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have been very impressed with the high level of guidance and support provided by the teaching staff. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering a future in ART.

Dr Vinod Motiani (Class of 2009/10) 

"What I appreciated most about this degree program was the ability to form interactions, not only amongst fellow class members, but across the board with program administrators, lecturers, clinicians and researchers. The fact that all eleven of us [students] originated from different countries across the globe added to this diversity and allowed us to experience cultures and traditions that would've otherwise been foreign to us." 

Miss Hannah Spencer (Class of 2009/10)

"I've been very impressed by the dedication of the instructors and challenging curriculum. The course is extremely intensive, yet equally rewarding. One of my favourite aspects is the variety of topics covered by leading experts in their respective fields.

Miss Ariane Heynen (Class of 2009/2010)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the MSc Clinical Embryology course, finding it both challenging and rewarding.  The hands-on practical experience was invaluable, as was the expertise and teaching skill of the tutors.  Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of this course is the high degree of involvement with the Oxford Fertility Unit, in the form of practical training and input from clinical and laboratory staff.  I highly recommend this course to people with an interest in ART and the reproductive sciences." 

Miss Bianka Seres (Class of 2009/2010)

"This MSc course is much more than I was expecting, offering a wide range of experience, invaluable contacts and probably the highest level of support and guidance I've ever experienced. The course was very well structured, the topics were interesting and the research projects were challenging. Apart from the hard work, however, it was highly rewarding and lots of fun."

Miss Neeta Bala (Class of 2008/2009)

"The MSc in Clinical Embryology at Oxford University offers a holistic education in the theory and practice of ART. The state of the art facilities, the comprehensive laboratory-based practical sessions, the distinguished lecturers and the unparalleled support of the staff make this challenging course unique and rewarding."

Miss Joie Guner (Class of 2008/2009)

"This is a well-rounded course that prepares you for either research or clinical track. You learn skills that you can apply upon graduation. You are also equipped with a breadth of knowledge that helps you view clinical embryology from a scientific, medical, international, and social perspective."