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Our MSc in Clinical Embryology students have been very successful in obtaining funding from the following highly prestigious schemes: Rhodes Foundation, Clarendon Fund, Wiedenfeld Leadership Foundation, Hill Foundation, Felix Scholarship Scheme, FROST Scholarship,and the Africa Oxford Initiative. Part Funding has also been obtained from the Santander Graduate Award Scheme. Information concerning funding for all students is available on the University's Funding and Fees webpage. 



For the 2023/24 Post Graduate Student intake we will be awarding a University Clarendon scholarship (PGR and MSc Clinical Embryology admissions are eligible) and an MRC scholarship (PGR admissions who satisfy home fee status, fulfilling MRC’s topic and candidate-based criteria are eligible) through competition. Both scholarships cover student fees and provide a living expenses stipend. Only students applying for the December 9th 2022 deadline will be considered for these two awards.

Division Funding

Please note that to be considered for Divisional funding, candidates applying to start this course in October 2022 must have submitted their University application by 12 noon (GMT) on Friday 9th December 2022. All applications received by this date will automatically be considered for Divisional funding from a number of sources.


The UK government has launched a new £10,000 loans scheme for full-time and part-time master’s courses from 2016-17 entry. The MSc in Clinical Embryology course is eligible for such loan applications.  For full eligibility and how to apply click here  

For information on US Loans and the application process please refer to the US Loans page

Alternative funding

You can explore other sources of funding on the University's pages funding and fees page