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Mrs Celine Jones, Laboratory Manager: Winner of the “Best Postgraduate Teacher” award at the Oxford Students’ Union Annual Teaching Awards 2019.

Congratulations to Mrs Celine Jones, Laboratory Manager who won the “Best Postgraduate Teacher” award at the Oxford Students’ Union Annual Teaching Awards 2019.

The Students’ Union Annual Teaching Awards recognise the teachers, tutors and staff who make a positive difference to students’ experience and lives while at Oxford. Students make nominations and vote for the winners. 

Celine has worked in the Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health since 2004. In 2008, when the MSc in Clinical Embryology course established, Celine was appointed as the Laboratory Manager, to oversee the laboratory-teaching component of the course. Celine has taught all eleven cohorts of students that have undertaken the course. Celine continually engages, challenges and inspires our students. 

Congratulations to Celine on winning this well deserved award.


Celine Jones - Laboratory Manager: MSc in Clinical Embryology"Celine Jones, Laboratory Manager of the MSc in Clinical Embryology program, deserves the award for the best PG teacher because she offers unfaltering support for both the academic success and emotional wellbeing of all 23 students in the program. Her approach to teaching stands out to me because of the time and effort that she puts in to make sure that we are able to excel and make the most of our time at Oxford. Not only does she go out of her way to allow us to have the best experience during lab practical, but also offers advice on our written assignments, even offering to personally provide feedback on all of our essays while most supervisors would only help 4-5 students. When she notices that a student may be struggling with lecture material, she immediately spends extra time explaining or creates additional practice exercises for the student to complete. She also helps us with professional development, critiquing our CVs and helping with personal statements and program applications. Celine is also very quick to notice if one of us is struggling emotionally and will always provide a listening ear and a helping hand. Celine Jones is one of most inspiring women that I have ever met in her determination, work ethic, and care for others. She is exactly the type of teacher that I would hope all teachers to be in order to facilitate the development of better students and future scientists.” 

 Teaching Award Winners 2019

Winners of the Oxford Students’ Union Annual Teaching Awards 2019 holding their awards in the Ashmolean foyer in front of a teaching awards banner

Winners of the Oxford Students’ Union Annual Teaching Awards 2019, holding their awards at the ceremony at the Ashmolean Museum on 9th May 2019. Celine is shown second left. (Copyright of SU/ Liam Challenger)

Read more about the Students' Union Teaching Awards here


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