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MicroRNA analysis of medium/large placenta extracellular vesicles in normal and preeclampsia pregnancies

Journal article

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Effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccination in people with blood cancer

Journal article

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Raman micro-spectroscopy as a tool to study immunometabolism.

Journal article

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Three-Dimensional Volume Rendering Ultrasound for Assessing Placenta Accreta Spectrum Severity and Discriminating it from Simple Scar Dehiscence

Journal article

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Predicting risk of preterm birth in singleton pregnancies using machine learning algorithms

Journal article

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Translation of mechanistic advances in preeclampsia to the clinic: Long and winding road

Journal article

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Genetic drivers of heterogeneity in type 2 diabetes pathophysiology

Journal article

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Protein Profiling of Placental Extracellular Vesicles in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Journal article

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