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Theophilus Adu-bredu

Research Sonographer

Ahmed Ahmed

Professor of Gynaecological Oncology

Lydia Akinola

Clinical Teaching Fellow

Shanice Akinyombo

Research Midwife

Ana Alarcon Allen

Beth Albert

Director of Dawes-Redman CTG Education.

Archer Amy

Clinical Research Assistant

Kirana Arambage

Consultant Gynaecologist, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Mara Artibani

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Cancer Stem Cells

Daniel Asfaw

Post-doctoral scientist, AI and Deep Learning for intrapartum CTG

Christina Aye

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Kate Bailey

Research Midwife

Sandra Banks

Research Technician

Kelly Barrett

Research Midwife

Mona Bassuni

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Stem Cell Biology

Christian M. Becker

Associate Professor, Co-Director Endometriosis CaRe Centre

Charlotte Bevan

Parent, Patient and Public Involvement (PPPI) Co-Lead

Charlotte Black

Clinical Research Quality Assurance Manager

James Bland

Data Manager

Lisa Buck

Research Midwife

Francesca Byrne

Research Assistant

Lotoyah Carty

Research Midwife

A. Sofia Cerdeira

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

Tim Child

Associate Professor

Debbie Clarke

Research Nurse

Gavin Collett

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Characterisation of Impaired Fetal and ...

Sally Collins

Professor of Obstetrics

Sarah Collins

Research Midwife

Will Cooke

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Fellow

Kevin Coward

Associate Professor and Director of the MSc in Clinical Embryology

Lydia Coxon

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Pain Data Collection and Analysis

Rachel Craik

Project Manager for Collaborative Global Ultrasound Studies

Catherine Daw

Data Assistant

Lysia Demetriou

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Neuroimaging and Pain Data Analysis

Rebecca Dragovic

Teaching Fellow and Research Scientist

Mara Duvnjak

Research Technician

Terry Dwyer

Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, Nuffield Department of Women’s & ...

Taha Elajnaf

Postdoctoral Researcher

Emma Evans

Pre-Doctoral Clinical Academic Fellow & Clinical Psychologist

Michelle Fernandes

Honorary Research Fellow & INTERGROWTH-21st Project Neurodevelopment Lead

Eleni Fotaki

Clinical Research Coordinator

Alex Fry

Research Midwife

Kurtis Garbutt

Data Scientist

Kristiyan Georgiev

Research Software Developer in Fetal Monitoring

Antoniya Georgieva

Associate Professor, Group Lead - Oxford Labour Monitoring

Fiona Goddard

Director of Research Governance

Gemma Hancock

Postdoctoral Researcher

Fadil Hannan

Director of the Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Oxford Centre for the ...

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