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Lydia Coxon

Lydia Coxon

Lydia Coxon

DPhil Student

I am a first year DPhil student in the EndoCare lab group, with Dr Katy Vincent as my supervisor. I am also undergoing the FMRIB Graduate Programme.

I am interested in endometriosis-associated pain, particularly the mechanisms by which it arises and psychological factors of this pain. Endometriosis has been estimated to affect 1 in 10 women of reproductive age and pain is one of the main symptoms. Studies have shown changes in the periphery and central nervous system in women with endometriosis-associated pain. I will be using MRI images to identify changes in the brains of women with endometriosis.

One aspect of my work is as part of the EndoPain2 research team in which we collect data from women with endometriosis, including brain scans and blood samples.

Prior to joining the group I completed BA Neuroscience (2017) at the University of Oxford.

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