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Gia-Han Le

Gia-Han Le

Research groups

Gia-Han Le

MSc by Research Student

MSc by Research Student in Women's and Reproductive Health


As a recent graduate of Harvard College, where I obtained my B.A. in Chemical and Physical Biology, I am passionate about studying immunology in pregnancy and women's health. My undergraduate thesis focused on HLA expression in trophoblast cells and fostered my interest in the immunological basis of the maternal-fetal interface.

As a first-year in Oxford's NDWRH, I am excited to take on more clinical-based research in the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss and the role of immunomodulators. My project focuses on learning more about the underlying mechanisms of immune-mediated recurrent pregnancy loss and if the clinical applications of immunomodulators in the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss are safe and effective. 

I am always open to getting involved in community and outreach initiatives spreading awareness of and advocating for women's health. With a strong background in public service and non-profit work, I strongly believe that the why behind the medical research we do matters just as much as the science behind the research.