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Women’s health is frequently considered in terms of birthing and childcare, yet non-communicable diseases and injury impose an enormous burden on women. Although there is considerable evidence of women being undertreated or presenting disease in a different way to men, sex-specific analyses of clinical trials and epidemiological studies are by no means universal.

Support groups can offer valuable information, guidance and friendship for anyone affected by endometriosis. Local support groups can give those whose lives are affected by endometriosis the chance to meet and talk with others who share and understand their situation. Women can get help through challenging times, improving the quality  of  their  lives and empowering each other to make informed choices about their health. They may also gain techniques to help them manage the condition through pain management and coping techniques.

Endometriosis UK offers a number of support groups through the UK and online. Support groups offer valuable support and information. Find out more about support groups and see upcoming support group meetings by clicking here.

In addition to support groups, Endometriosis UK runs a helpline to provide support and advice: 0808 808 2227Find out more about the helpline and the opening hours by clicking here. Because it may be difficult to talk to someone in person or over the phone, an online community is available with thousands of members sharing their experience of endometriosis on forums. Find out more about the online community by clicking here.

If you're in distress and need someone to talk to, you can call the Samaritans' 24 hour emotional support line in full confidence: 116 123.