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In this latest podcast episode, our DPhil students Danielle Perro and Magda Mareckova, explore how surgery, psychological interventions, and other more holistic and personalised options can help manage endometriosis associated symptoms.

How is Endometriosis treated?  

Our innovative podcast series seeks answers to some of the biggest questions posed by the Endometriosis community, as set out by the James Lind Alliance.  

In the latest episode, our DPhil students Danielle Perro and Magda Mareckova are joined by Dr Vimee Bindra, consultant endometriosis excisional surgeon in Hyderabad, India and Dr Emma Evans, clinical psychologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. Together we explore how surgery, psychological interventions, and other more holistic and personalised options can help manage endometriosis associated symptoms. We also hear from Margarida Sardo about her experience with managing her endometriosis symptoms and what options worked for her along her endometriosis journey. 

Danielle Perro and Magda Mareckova both study Endometriosis in our department. Danielle’s work explores ways that we can better characterise endometriosis-associated pain, while Magda is interested in understanding what role different cells play in endometriosis development. 

Raising Endometriosis awareness, talking about reproductive health and making science accessible to everyone is something they are both very passionate about. 

In this podcast series, they shed light on a very common, yet unheard of condition affecting 1 in 10 of those born with a uterus. The focus is learning more about the condition while elevating the voices that often go unheard – the voices of people with endometriosis and early-career specialists & researchers in the field.  

You can listen to all the episodes: ‘Unheard of – The hidden voice of Endometriosis’ via any of the platforms below: 

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