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Yasmina Al Ghadban

DPhil Student

  • PI group: Assoc Prof Jane Hirst

I am a first year DPhil student from Beirut, Lebanon. I am a recipient of an industrial CASE (iCASE) studentship under the supervision of Dr Jane Hirst and will be mentored by an interdisciplinary team at Oxford and EMIS, our industry partner. My research interests broadly involve using health data and predictive modeling for disease prevention and early detection, particularly in diseases that impact women's, reproductive, sexual and maternal health. 

Prior to attending Oxford, I studied Bioengineering and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. I then completed the MPhil in Population Health Sciences with a focus on Health Data Science at the University of Cambridge. For my MPhil dissertation, I worked on the development of machine learning models of maternal serum metabolites to predict spontaneous preterm birth in the Pregnancy Outcome Prediction study. 

For my DPhil, I am hoping to combine my engineering background with my passion for improving reproductive health to develop predictive models of adverse outcomes of gestational diabetes using electronic health records.