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Veronica Blanco Gutierrez

Visiting Researcher

  • PI group: Prof Georgieva

Twitter: @Vero_BG_ 


My professional/academic journey started in Spain in 2008, where I qualified as a general nurse and, shortly after, became a Mental Health Nurse. In 2010,  I moved to the UK where I worked as an adult nurse for the private sector and the NHS. Since becoming a midwife in 2013, I have worked for the NHS in various midwifery roles, including audit and research. My passion for research led me to complete an NIHR-funded MRes in Clinical and Health Research at the University of Southampton. In 2022, I completed a Health Education England Population Health Fellowship hosted by Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (South East). During this fellowship, I developed a passion for population health, health inequalities and social determinants of health.  

Since September 2022, I am on a career break from my NHS midwife post to undertake a full-time 1+3 doctoral training in Digital Health at the University of Bristol (EPSRC funded). I am applying my midwifery and population health knowledge while learning about digital health innovations to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for women and newborns. 

My research interests include the digitalisation of health services and its ethical aspects, data-driven healthcare and decision-making, human-computer interaction, women’s health promotion, health inequalities and social determinants of health.  

My doctoral project will focus on a mixed methods study to investigate the role of social determinants of health on AI-driven CTG intrapartum decision-support tools in term babies and to understand the experience of women and clinicians using these technologies. I am undertaking this project at the University of Bristol and University of Oxford with Prof Georgieva