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Tatjana Gibbons

MRes Student

  • PI Group: Professor Christian Becker, Professor Krina Zondervan & Dr Druin Bruch

In 2019 I graduated from Imperial College London after completing an undergraduate MBBS and a BSc in Reproductive Medicine. Working with women with endometriosis and seeing the impact the delay in diagnosis has on individuals' lives inspired me to pursue a research project supervised by Professor C Becker, Professor K Zondervan, and Dr. D Burch. This project aims to develop a non-invasive imaging test for endometriosis. 

On average, there is a delay of 8 years before a woman is correctly diagnosed with endometriosis, a figure that has not improved over the past two decades. My research project is investigating the use of a novel imaging marker that would make diagnosis quicker, more accurate, and reduce the need for invasive surgery. Its strength would be the ability to diagnose peritoneal and extra-pelvic endometriosis not currently detected on ultrasound. If successful, the 20-minute non-invasive scan would permit tracking of active disease, gaining insight into disease progression and subtypes.