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Dr. A. Sofia Cerdeira

Dr. A. Sofia Cerdeira


Honours and Awards

  • MFM Fellowship - 2022
  • MRCOG membership - 2021
  • CRN TVSM Fellowship - 2021
  • HIMSS FUTURE50-Europe Class 2019
  • L'Oreal-Unesco For Women in Science Award - High Commendation - 2019
  • UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award - 2019
  • Canon Fellowship, Canon Foundation in Europe - 2019
  • HSJ Healthcare Partnership Award - 2019
  • Africa Oxford Initiative Travel Grant, University of Oxford - 2018
  • NIHR Academic Clinical Lectureship - 2017
  • Junior Research Fellowship, Somerville College, University of Oxford - 2015
  • NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship - 2014
  • Vision Grant Award, Preeclampsia Foundation, USA - 2013
  • Best Data Club presentation of the year award - CVBR - Harvard University - 2012
  • Excellence in Tutoring Award - Physiology, Harvard Medical School - 2012

A. Sofia Cerdeira


NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

  • Lecturer in Medicine Somerville College Oxford
  • MFM Fellow Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital

Research groups

L'Oreal-Unesco For Women in Science finalists

L'Oreal-Unesco For Women in Science UK and Ireland Fellowship - Highly Commended - Dr. Ana Sofia Cerdeira. Awarded in partnership with the UK National Commission for the UNESCO, the Irish National Commission for the UNESCO and with the support of the Royal Society

HSJ Healthcare Partnership Award

Best Health Care Provider Partnership for the implementation of a new preeclampsia test (sFlt/PlGF ratio) in clinical practice


Pre-eclampsia, angiogenic factors

I am a clinician scientist with a particular interest in pre-eclampsia and angiogenic factors. We recently conducted the first clinical trial on the use of sFlt-1/PlGF ratio in the management of patients with suspected pre-eclampsia (Cerdeira AS et al. Hypertension 2019). Data from our study and previous observations lead to the development of a protocol that is now used in clinical practice. My aim is to continue exploring the role of angiogenic factors in the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of pre-eclampsia, hopefully leading to meaningful changes in patient care.

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