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Sally Galal

Sally Galal

Sally Galal

DPhil Student

  • PI Group: Dr Kevin Coward

I am a fourth-year DPhil student and a Clarendon Scholar in the Department of Women's and Reproductive Health working with Dr Coward Team. My project focuses on the development of nanoparticles able to invade the cell membrane and nucleus of gametes and embryos aiming to understand more their physiology and to improve fertilisation rate.

I am currently a St John's College grad student. Prior to the start of my DPhil, I completed my MBBCh and an MSc in Human Physiology in Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, Egypt and a Master degree of Public Health from Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France.

I worked for 5 years as an Assistant Lecturer of Human Physiology at Alexandria University in Egypt, teaching first and second-year medical students the basics of Physiology.

In addition, I had the chance of receiving laboratory techniques training at the University of Oxford, UK and Duke University, USA.

In 2017, I worked on improving the implantation rate by adding cytokines to the embryo culture media as a part of my MSc Project in Physiology; in the 2017 ASRM conference, my abstract got listed as one of top 12 prize papers among 6000 papers and I was awarded an ASRM Council travel grant.