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Dr Olga Patey

MD, BSc (Ling), BSc (Rad), MSc, PhD

Clinical Research Fellow

  • PI group: Prof Aris Papageorghiou
  • PI group: Prof Alison Noble



I am a Specialty Doctor in Foetal Cardiology employed by the Royal Brompton Hospital of London and working as an Honorary Foetal Cardiologist at the St George's University Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trusts. I obtained an MSc degree in Advanced Echocardiography from the Imperial College of London, achieved PhD degree in Foetal and Neonatal Cardiology at St George's University of London, and completed Foetal/Neonatal Cardiology clinical research fellowship at the University of Alberta, Canada. Previously, I finished a clinical fellowship in Adult Cardiology in Ukraine. Additionally, I hold a Home Office Personal License at the University of Cambridge to carry out animal research. 

The primary focus of my research was understanding an impact of the adverse intrauterine environment on foetal and offspring functional cardiovascular adaptation and a developmental origin of cardiovascular disease. I worked on several national and international projects involving an ultrasound assessment the maternal, foetal and offspring human and animal hearts in pathological pregnancies.

Current Research

Currently, I divide my time between clinical work as a Foetal Cardiologist in London and a clinical research fellowship at the Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford under supervision of Professors Aris Papageorghiou and Alison Noble. My main research study is a Global Health project in foetal and early life cardiovascular health. It involves Artificial Intelligence that allows ultrasound to be more accessible in low-and middle-income countries. We aim to develop a low- cost point-of-care foetal echocardiography device  that will aid a clinical professional in detecting and characterising congenital heart defects.

Recent publications

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