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Ilknur Sur Erdem

  • PI group: Prof Cecilia Lindgren

I completed my doctoral studies at University of Cologne. My doctoral studies were focused on the role of Nesprin-1 in DNA damage response pathway, which are determinants of genetic instability in cancer and age-associated diseases.

My post-doctoral research at Koç University School of Medicine (Brain Cancer Research and Therapy Laboratory) aimed to explore the mechanisms of radiotherapy resistance and provide the effective therapeutic strategies to overcome resistance of brain cancers.

I am the recipient of several awards and fellowships including the Science Academy’s Young Scientist Award, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Return Repatriation (2232) and Career Development (3501) fellowships. Young Women Cancer Researcher Award is given by Molecular Cancer Research (MOKAD) Society, 8th Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress (15-17 January 2021). I have also teaching experience (2020-2021-Fall, Instructor-Lecturer, CAMM551-Special Topics in Key Experimental Techniques in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Koç University).

Coming back to Europe I joined the Lindgren group.