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Emily Hyde

MSci (Hons)

DPhil Student & Student Committee Social and Welfare Rep

  • PI Group: Dr Manu Vatish

I studied at the University of Southampton from 2016 to 2020, where I earned an Integrated Master's of Science Degree in Biology with First Class Honours. 

In my third year, I completed a project with the Thames Valley Police Forensic Screening Unit in Kidlington, validating a piece of equipment, the Crime-Lite ML2, for finding bloodstains on items submitted for investigation. This led to the implementation of the ML2 in the standard operating procedures at the FSU. 

In my final year, I completed a research project entitled "The effects of vitamin D perfusion on the expression of vitamin D transport and metabolism genes within the human placenta" with the Placenta Lab at Southampton General Hospital. My research was included in a paper titled Placental uptake and metabolism of 25(OH)vitamin D determine its activity within the fetoplacental unit (DOI: 10.7554/eLife.71094).

I am now reading for a DPhil in Women's and Reproductive Health under the supervision of Professor Manu Vatish. My research is focused on the prediction of sepsis in neonates admitted to the NICU using immune cell activation status. This is an MRC-funded iCASE project, partnered with Sysmex Europe.