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Daniel Asfaw

Post-doctoral scientist, AI and Deep Learning for intrapartum CTG

I studied electronics and communication engineering in my undergraduate education at Mekelle institute of technology, Tigray, Ethiopia. To pursue my academic interest further, I studied a Master's degree in vision and robotics (VIBOT), Erasmus Mundus joint master’s program conducted by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland; Universitat de Girona in Girona, Spain; and Université de Bourgogne in Le Creusot, France. I studied PhD at the City university of London under supervision of Prof. David Crabb and Dr. Pete Jones. The objective of my PhD work was to develop data analysis methods to detect glaucomatous visual field loss from natural eye movements. Following my PhD, I started working in EPSRC research project on fetal heart rate analysis. My research focuses on analysing cardiotocography (CTG) recordings using deep learning methods to detect adverse birth outcomes.