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Ankita Sharma

DPhil Student

  • PI group: Prof Jane Hirst

DPhil Student, Honorary Fellow, Consultant Sonographer


Ankita Sharma is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, an Honorary Fellow with the George Institute of Global Health, and a Consultant Sonographer who has a particular interest in innovative research methods and Digital Health Technology. 

In 2010, Ankita initiated her clinical career as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in Edmonton, Canada. She later expanded her professional scope by relocating to the UK in 2016 where she contributed to London's diagnostic health sector while collaborating with international device manufacturers in the area of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS). During this time, Ankita also worked as a Research Sonographer with Intelligent Ultrasound, supporting the development of Artificial Intelligence-based Sonography Software to standardise antenatal Sonographic Screening. In 2018, Ankita was recognised for her contributions to the Digital Health sector and endorsed by Tech Nation under the category of  "Exceptional Talent" which led to Ankita being awarded the prestigious Exceptional Talent Visa by the UK Home Office in 2018.

Alongside her clinical role, Ankita continued to pursue her academic interests which led to an MSc in Sexual and Reproductive Medicine with Distinction from the University of South Wales, followed by a second MSc in Translational Health Sciences from the University of Oxford. Her thesis work at Oxford, focusing on menstrual health and hygiene policies in India, stimulated her interest in the integral role of ASHA workers in India's healthcare system.

As a part of Ankita's DPhil research, Ankita is exploring the challenges around implementation and sustainability within the SMART Health Pregnancy program at the George Institute for Global Health. She is currently leading the development of the CLASS intervention (Continuous Learning, Assessment, and Supportive Supervision) for ASHA workers within the program. This project, nested within the SMART Health Pregnancy program, is directed towards enhancing the maternal health training of ASHA workers. Through the CLASS project, Ankita aims to leverage low-cost digital tools and community learning to support the ASHA workers in their crucial roles. Ankita's research interests span Health Education, Storytelling for Health and Digital Innovation within Women's Health.