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Which course?

There are two different postgraduate research degrees that you can undertake at the Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health.

  1. The Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Women's and Reproductive Health (a DPhil is the Oxford name for a PhD or doctorate); or
  2. The Master of Science by Research (MSc(Res)) in Women's and Reproductive Health. 

Some key differences to consider:

DPhilMSc by Research
Usual time for completion 3-4 years 2-3 years
Minimum residence requirement 6 terms 3 terms
Minimum period of standard fee liability 6 terms 3 terms
Maximum period of standard fee liability* 9 terms 6 terms
Maximum time to submit 15 terms 9 terms
Length of thesis  50,000 words 30,000 words

*Please note that continuation fees may apply

You may choose, with approval from the Medical Sciences Board, to change course from an MSc by Research to a DPhil, or vice versa, after you start your course, providing you have the appropriate funding and academic support.