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Prenatal diagnosis of focal placental invasion at the upper uterine segment: is the novel ‘separation sign’ a key?

Journal article

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Contribution of semen to early embryo development: fertilization and beyond

Journal article

(2023), Human Reproduction Update

Contribution of semen to early embryo development: fertilization and beyond.

Journal article

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A novel resource to study endometriosis at the single-cell level

Journal article

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A simple guide to ultrasound screening for placenta accreta spectrum for improving detection and optimizing management in resource limited settings

Journal article

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Novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches for preeclampsia.

Journal article

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Perinatal outcomes associated with combination antiretroviral therapy compared with monotherapy.

Journal article

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Fetal heart rate responses in chronic hypoxaemia with superimposed repeated hypoxaemia consistent with early labour: a controlled study in fetal sheep

Journal article

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Digital Health and Machine Learning Technologies for Blood Glucose Monitoring and Management of Gestational Diabetes

Journal article

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