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Household size, T regulatory cell development, and early allergic disease: a birth cohort study.

Journal article

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Data Resource Profile: Melbourne Children’s LifeCourse initiative (LifeCourse)

Journal article

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Can adult polygenic scores improve prediction of body mass index in childhood?

Journal article

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Childhood Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Adult Cardiovascular Events.

Journal article

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Daily steps and all-cause mortality: a meta-analysis of 15 international cohorts.

Journal article

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Muscular strength measured across the life-course and the metabolic syndrome

Journal article

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Obesity during childhood is associated with higher cancer mortality rate during adulthood: the i3C Consortium

Journal article

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Risk factors for left ventricular dysfunction in adulthood: role of low birth weight.

Journal article

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Prediction of future atherosclerosis in 13 years from young asymptomatic adults

Conference paper

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