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Contribution of semen to early embryo development: fertilization and beyond

Journal article

(2023), Human Reproduction Update

Contribution of semen to early embryo development: fertilization and beyond.

Journal article

Vallet-Buisan M. et al, (2023), Hum Reprod Update

Functions and gene expression alterations of phospholipase C in gametes


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ASPP2 maintains the integrity of mechanically stressed pseudostratified epithelia during morphogenesis

Journal article

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The current practice of assisted hatching for embryos in fertility centres: a general survey

Journal article

COWARD K. et al, (2022), Reproductive Sciences

OUP accepted manuscript

Journal article

(2022), Human Reproduction Open

An investigation of mechanisms underlying mouse blastocyst hatching: an RNA sequencing study

Journal article

Liu Y. et al, (2021), Fertility and Sterility

Dynamic shapes of the zygote and two-cell mouse and human.

Journal article

Graham CF. et al, (2021), Biol Open, 10

Antigen unmasking does not improve the visualization of phospholipase C zeta in human sperm

Journal article

COWARD K. et al, (2021), Asian Journal of Andrology

Investigating the nanotoxicity of solid silica nanoparticles in gametes following in vitro exposure

Conference paper

Galal S. et al, (2021), HUMAN REPRODUCTION, 36, 256 - 256

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