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Abstract IA07: Targeting micrometastasis for the treatment of ovarian cancer

Conference paper

Ahmed AA., (2018), Metabolic Changes in Ovarian Cancer

Targeting micrometastasis for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Conference paper

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Clinically actionable mutation profiles in patients with cancer identified by whole-genome sequencing

Journal article

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Engineering Synthetic Signaling Pathways with Programmable dCas9-Based Chimeric Receptors

Journal article

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Tubal Ligation and Incidence of 26 Site-Specific Cancers in the Million Women Study


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Serous tubal intraepithelial carcinomas associated with high-grade serous ovarian carcinomas: a systematic review

Journal article

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Loss of PFKFB4 induces cell death in mitotically arrested ovarian cancer cells

Journal article

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Antiangiogenic and tumour inhibitory effects of downregulating tumour endothelial FABP4

Journal article

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Expelling the “perpetrators”: ovarian cancer cells discard miR-6126 through exosomes to promote survival

Journal article

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How to make ovarian cancer cells “sick-too”

Journal article

Miranda F. and Ahmed AA., (2017), Cell Cycle, 16, 15 - 16

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