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<jats:p>Maternal vulval carcinoma and pregnancy following vulval cancer are rare. However, vulval carcinoma in younger women is increasing, thus we are progressively more likely to encounter patients with either vulval carcinoma in pregnancy, or pregnancy following treatment for vulval cancer. Given the paucity of available information we performed a literature review considering the strategies employed in the management of these women. A computerised search (MEDLINE®/embase®) was performed to identify all registered articles pertaining to squamous cell vulval carcinoma diagnosed or treated in pregnancy, and all cases of pregnancy following treatment for vulval cancer. In addition, cross-references of all selected articles were checked. Twenty-four reports were identified in the literature. In total, 21 cases of vulval carcinoma in pregnancy and 13 cases of pregnancy following vulval cancer were considered. Reports in the literature of vulval cancer associated with pregnancy span a time period of over 65 years making the production of definitive guidelines problematic as significant changes in the management of vulval cancer and changes in obstetrical and neonatal care need to be accounted for. Longer-term maternal and neonatal outcomes are also difficult to substantiate. Centralised data collection would be beneficial in these rare tumours, and in other malignant tumours diagnosed and treated during pregnancy.</jats:p>

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Journal article


European Oncology & Haematology


Touch Medical Media, Ltd.

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47 - 47