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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) live video streaming over the Internet is becoming increasingly popular, but it is still plagued by problems of high playback latency and intermittent playback streams. This paper presents GLive, a distributed market-based solution that builds a mesh overlay for P2P live streaming. The mesh overlay is constructed such that (i) nodes with increasing upload bandwidth are located closer to the media source, and (ii) nodes with similar upload bandwidth become neighbours. We introduce a market-based approach that matches nodes willing and able to share the stream with one another. However, market-based approaches converge slowly on random overlay networks, and we improve the rate of convergence by adapting our market-based algorithm to exploit the clustering of nodes with similar upload bandwidths in our mesh overlay. We address the problem of free-riding through nodes preferentially uploading more of the stream to the best up loaders. We compare GLive with our previous tree-based streaming protocol, Sepidar, and New Cools treaming in simulation, and our results show significantly improved playback continuity and playback latency. © 2011 IEEE.

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153 - 162