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© 2016 IEEE. While the algorithms for streaming graph partitioning are proved promising, they fall short of creating timely partitions when applied on large graphs. For example, it takes 415 seconds for a state-of-the-art partitioner to work on a social network graph with 117 millions edges. We introduce an efficient platform for boosting streaming graph partitioning algorithms. Our solution, called HoVerCut, is Horizontally and Vertically scalable. That is, it can run as a multi-threaded process on a single machine, or as a distributed partitioner across multiple machines. Our evaluations, on both real-world and synthetic graphs, show that HoVerCut speeds up the process significantly without degrading the quality of partitioning. For example, HoVerCut partitions the aforementioned social network graph with 117 millions edges in 11 seconds that is about 37 times faster.

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