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© 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. All rights are reserved. The present chapter overviews some aspects of the anatomy, histology and physiology of the female genital tract, focusing especially on the uterus, through which sperm are transported. Moreover, some aspects of sperm interaction with uterinic epithelial cells are referred to in line with recent studies. This chapter also deals with other relevant aspects, such as the functional role of ejaculate volume on sperm transport, and the effects of placing sperm at different parts of the sows' tract in fertility and prolificacy rates. Finally, it ends with the role of reproductive immunology in response to spermatozoa, seminal plasma and short- and long-term extenders within the intrauterine environment.

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Boar Reproduction: Fundamentals and New Biotechnological Trends

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205 - 255