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Objective: To report a case of left-sided canal of Nuck endometriosis arising in the absence of a history, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) evidence of pelvic endometriosis design: Case report Setting: UK Teaching Hospital Patient(s): 26 year old nulliparous female without a history of endometriosis presenting with a painful, left-sided groin lump and cyclical fluctuation of symptoms. MRI confirmed features in keeping with endometriosis of the canal of Nuck. Intervention(s): Open excision of the lesion. Main outcome measure(s): Symptom free at two months. results: Histological analysis confirmed the left-sided lesion to be endometriosis. This is an unusual presentation of canal of Nuck endometriosis being left-sided and arising in the absence of evidence of pre-existing pelvic endometriosis, which was successfully managed by surgical excision. conclusions: Canal of Nuck endometriosis is a rare but important differential diagnosis of a groin lump in females, which may arise in the absence of pelvic disease, and may be managed successfully by surgical excision. © 2011 Wichtig Editore.

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Journal article


Journal of Endometriosis

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222 - 225