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The regulation of trophoblast cell invasion is a crucial aspect of implantation and placental development. Evidence indicates that the uterine microenvironment exerts important influence over trophoblast cell invasion. However, the precise effect of decidual cells on trophoblast cell invasion remained unidentified. In the present study, a cell line representative of normal human trophoblast (B6Tert) was used to examine the effect of decidual stromal cell conditioned media (DSCM) on trophoblast cell invasion. In vitro assay showed the concentration-dependent effect of DSCM on B6Tert cell invasion. RT-PCR and gelatin zymography demonstrated that DSCM evidently produced an effect on the mRNA expression and proenzyme production of MMP-2 in a dose-dependent manner, but exerted no effect on mRNA expression and proenzyme production of MMP-9. The data indicates that the decidual microenvironment may exert the key control for trophoblast cell invasion mainly through influencing MMP-2 expression.

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Journal article



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74 - 78


Adult, Cell Line, Cell Movement, Culture Media, Conditioned, Decidua, Dose-Response Relationship, Drug, Female, Gene Expression, Humans, Matrix Metalloproteinase 2, Matrix Metalloproteinase 9, RNA, Messenger, Stromal Cells, Trophoblasts, Young Adult