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In the past two decades, immunometabolism has emerged as a crucial field, unraveling the intricate molecular connections between cellular metabolism and immune function across various cell types, tissues, and diseases. This review explores the insights gained from studies using the emerging technology, Raman micro-spectroscopy, to investigate immunometabolism. Raman micro-spectroscopy provides an exciting opportunity to directly study metabolism at the single cell level where it can be combined with other Raman-based technologies and platforms such as single cell RNA sequencing. The review showcases applications of Raman micro-spectroscopy to study the immune system including cell identification, activation, and autoimmune disease diagnosis, offering a rapid, label-free, and minimally invasive analytical approach. The review spotlights three promising Raman technologies, Raman-activated cell sorting, Raman stable isotope probing, and Raman imaging. The synergy of Raman technologies with machine learning is poised to enhance the understanding of complex Raman phenotypes, enabling biomarker discovery and comprehensive investigations in immunometabolism. The review encourages further exploration of these evolving technologies in the rapidly advancing field of immunometabolism.

Original publication




Journal article


Biochem Soc Trans

Publication Date



Raman spectroscopy, cell sorting, imaging techniques, immunometabolism