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Research question: Does rescue in-vitro maturation (IVM) in the presence or absence of cumulus cells, affect the progress of meiosis I, compared with oocytes that mature in vivo? Design: This prospective study was conducted in a university-affiliated fertility centre. Ninety-five young oocyte donors (mean age 25.57 ± 4.47) with a normal karyotype and no known fertility problems were included. A total of 390 oocytes (116 mature metaphase II [MII] and 274 immature oocytes) were analysed. The immature oocytes underwent rescue IVM in the presence of cumulus cells (CC; IVM+CC; n = 137) or without them (IVM-CC; n = 137), and IVM rate was calculated. Chromosome copy number analysis using next-generation sequencing (NGS) was performed on all rescue IVM oocytes reaching MII as well as those that were mature at the time of initial denudation (in-vivo-matured oocytes [IVO]). Results: Maturation rates were similar in IVM+CC and IVM-CC oocytes (62.8 versus 71.5%, P = 0.16). Conclusive cytogenetic results were obtained from 65 MII oocytes from the IVM+CC group, 87 from the IVM-CC group, and 99 from the IVO group. Oocyte euploidy rates for the three groups were similar, at 75.4%, 83.9% and 80.8%, respectively (P = 0.42). Conclusions: The results suggest that culture of germinal vesicle and metaphase I oocytes in the presence of cumulus cells does not improve rates of IVM. In general, the process of rescue IVM does not appear to alter the frequency of oocytes with a normal chromosome copy number.

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Reproductive BioMedicine Online

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