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Adamantinoma is a rare primary low-grade malignant tumour of the appendicular skeleton most commonly found in the tibia. It has an indolent course, with local recurrences and lung metastases occurring over a protracted duration. There have been several suggestions pertaining to a vascular origin in the literature, however, histogenesis remains unclear. Currently, guidelines are not available pertaining to clinical management. This paper presents an overview of the current literature regarding this unusual malignancy. It also explores disease etiology and acknowledges the benefits and challenges of investigations pertaining to diagnosis. It recognizes a paucity of recommendations regarding appropriate surveillance and follow up. This review aims to assist clinicians in the building of a consensus opinion for optimal adamantinoma case management under current circumstances where formal guidelines do not exist.

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Journal article


J Bone Oncol

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Adamantinoma, Etiology, Guidelines, Investigations, Review, Surveillance