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Regular physical activity improves glycaemic control in pregnant women with gestational diabetes. Motivational interviewing is an effective technique for increasing activity levels. This report evaluates a clinical pathway developed to integrate physical activity motivational interviewing into routine gestational diabetes care. Women attending a single-centre NHS clinic were invited to engage in a physical activity-focused motivational interview. The aerobic physical activity levels of 62 women were evaluated at baseline and at a 2-week telephone follow up, coded into three categories by minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week: red (<30 minutes), amber (30–149 minutes) and green (≥150 minutes). At baseline, 30.6% of participants were coded red, 41.9% amber and 27.4% green. At follow up, 4.8% women coded red, 38.7% amber and 56.5% green, demonstrating a significant association for increased activity levels after motivational interviewing (P<0.001). This clinical pathway provides encouraging results that physical activity increased significantly in the short term.

Original publication




Journal article


British Journal of Midwifery

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550 - 556