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'Well-leg' compartment syndrome (WLCS) is an uncommon, but potentially devastating, complication associated with prolonged patient positioning for abdomino-pelvic surgery. Gynaecologists, anaesthetists and the wider theatre team share a responsibility to minimise the risk of this highly morbid, and even fatal, postoperative complication. This article provides an overview of WLCS related to gynaecological surgery - raising awareness amongst gynaecologists and highlighting the time-critical nature of diagnosis and management. Given the potential litiginous nature of this complication, we also present a perioperative checklist and risk-reduction protocol to suggest a standardised approach to prevention and relevant documentation. TWEETABLE ABSTRACT: Gynaecologists share a responsibility to minimise the risk of postoperative 'well-leg' compartment syndrome.

Original publication




Journal article



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1517 - 1525


Gynaecology, patient safety, risk reduction, surgery, ‘well-leg’ compartment syndrome, Compartment Syndromes, Female, Gynecologic Surgical Procedures, Humans, Leg, Patient Positioning, Postoperative Complications, Risk Factors