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OBJECTIVE: To describe the surgical technique and evaluate the safety, feasibility and efficacy of laparoscopic diaphragmatic peritonectomy during Visceral-Peritoneal Debulking (VPD) in patients with stage IIIC-IV ovarian cancer (OC). METHODS: This report is part of a Service Evaluation Protocol (Trust number 3267) on laparoscopy in patients with OC following neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. Between April 2015 and November 2017, all patients underwent to exploratory laparoscopy and a selected court was offered laparoscopic VPD. Laparoscopic diaphragmatic surgery was considered if there was no full thickness involvement. Primary endpoints of this part of the study were the safety, feasibility and efficacy of laparoscopic diaphragmatic peritonectomy. We report the surgical technique and outcomes. RESULTS: Ninety-six patients underwent diaphragmatic surgery during the study period. Fifty patients (52.1%) had intra-operative exclusion criteria and/or full thickness diaphragmatic resection, 46 (47.9%) had peritonectomy and were included in the study. Laparoscopic diaphragmatic peritonectomy was performed in 21 patients (45.4%, group 1), while in 25 patients (54.6%, group 2) laparotomy was necessary. Extent of disease and complexity of surgery were similar. Reasons for conversions were disease coalescing the liver to the diaphragm preventing safe mobilization (22 patients) and accidental pleural opening (3 patients). Overall, intra- and post-operative morbidity was lower in group 1 and pulmonary specific morbidity was very low. CONCLUSION: Diaphragmatic peritonectomy can be safely accomplished by laparoscopy in almost half of the patients with OC whose disease is limited to the diaphragmatic peritoneum.

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J Gynecol Oncol

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Diaphragmatic Peritonectomy, Laparoscopy, Ovarian Cancer