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BACKGROUND: Several studies have demonstrated the feasibility and role of bulky cardiophrenic lymph nodes (CPLNs) resection during primary debulking surgery (PDS) for stage IV ovarian cancer (OC). However, no studies, to date, investigated the accuracy and feasibility of CPLNs assessment and removal during interval debulking surgery (IDS) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT). MATERIAL AND METHODS: A retrospective analysis of consecutive stage IV OC patients who underwent NACT followed by IDS with CPLNs assessment and/or resection from July 2017 to June 2018. Bulky CPLNs were considered for excision when a full-thickness diaphragmatic resection was required in order to achieve complete tumour resection. RESULTS: A total of 21 ovarian cancer stage IV patients treated with NACT followed by IDS were identified. Seven (33.3%) patients underwent CPLNs resection due to bulky appearance of the CPLNs at the intraoperative palpation. The final histological examination of the CPLNs reported metastatic disease in four (57%) of seven patients. Complete cytoreduction without residual disease was achieved in five cases (71.4%) while in two case (28.6%) optimal cytoreduction was performed. Intra-operative surgical complications occurred in one patient. One patient had a major postoperative complication (Clavien-Dindo 3). Two cases of postoperative cardiac arrhythmia were observed. CONCLUSIONS: CPLNs intraoperative assessment is less accurate during IDS compared to previous PDS studies. CPLNs removal during IDS after NACT for stage IV OC could be safely performed to achieve a complete resection.

Original publication




Journal article


J Invest Surg

Publication Date





756 - 762


Cardiophrenic lymph node, interval debulking surgery, neoadjuvant chemotherapy, ovarian cancer, Cytoreduction Surgical Procedures, Feasibility Studies, Female, Humans, Lymph Nodes, Ovarian Neoplasms, Retrospective Studies