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The first trimester fetal ultrasound scan is important to confirm fetal viability, to estimate the gestational age of the fetus, and to detect fetal anomalies early in pregnancy. First trimester ultrasound images have a different appearance than for the second trimester scan, reflecting the different stage of fetal development. There is limited literature on automation of image-based assessment for this earlier trimester, and most of the literature is focused on one specific fetal anatomy. In this paper, we consider automation to support first trimester fetal assessment of multiple fetal anatomies including both visualization and the measurements from a single 3D ultrasound scan. We present a deep learning and image processing solution (i) to perform semantic segmentation of the whole fetus, (ii) to estimate plane orientation for standard biometry views, (iii) to localize and automatically estimate biometry, and (iv) to detect fetal limbs from a 3D first trimester volume. Computational analysis methods were built using a real-world dataset (n  =  44 volumes). An evaluation on a further independent clinical dataset (n  =  21 volumes) showed that the automated methods approached human expert assessment of a 3D volume.

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Phys Med Biol

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