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Enormous well done to our new Professor Sally Collins - she was conferred the title of Professor of Obstetrics by the University's Medical Sciences Division Board.

Prof Sally Collins is a Consultant Obstetrician subspecialising in Fetal Medicine and a world expert in abnormally adherent and invasive placenta (placenta accreta spectrum disorder). She leads our dept research's on the placenta and explores two key themes: 1) Imaging the placenta early in pregnancy in order to predict adverse pregnancy outcomes including fetal growth restriction and 2) Diagnosis and management of Placenta Accreta Spectrum Disorder (PAS) - also known as abnormally invasive placenta (AIP).

She was recently awarded the prestigious and highly competitive Sir Jules Thorn Translational Biomedical Research Award 2021 of just under £1 million for further translational development of her OxNNet Toolkit project which aims to test the clinical performance of a robust, non-invasive, early screening test to identify babies at risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes through early detection of fetal growth restriction (FGR). 

Assoc Prof Ingrid Granne said: "I am delighted that Sally’s world leading research in placental ultrasound and placenta accreta spectrum disorders, as well as her significant contributions to the department and the University have been recognised in this award".

Huge congratulations to Sally on her new professorship and for all her achievements in championing Maternal & Fetal Health research, from all your colleagues at the Nuffield Dept of Women's & Reproductive Health.