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The Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology invites you to MitOX - an annual meeting in Oxford on Wednesday 2nd December covering a range of mitochondrial associated research areas.

Digital illustration of Mitochondria © Shutterstock
Digital illustration of Mitochondria

MitOX 2015

Please join us for this all-day event on Wednesday 2nd December, 9.30am in the Academic Centre, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, OX3 9DU. See directions and map.

There will be a wide variety of short presentations on mitochondrial topics from local groups including mitochondrial genetics, physiology, neurosciences and cancer. We will have high quality invited speakers attending, including:

  • Phillip West (Yale/SMUDallas) - Mitochondria and innate immunity

  • Tamara Sirey (DPAG, Oxford) - Non-coding RNA regulation of complex I

  • Rodrique Rossingnol (Bordeaux) - Metabolic Remodeling in Human Diseases

  • Michelangelo Campanella (Royal Vet College/UCL) - Cell Mitophagy Regulation in Health and Disease

  • Duncan Howie (Dunn School, Oxford) - Mitochondria and immune regulation.

  • Karl Morten (NDOG,Oxford) – The Warburg effect: fact, fiction or something else. 

  • Carlo Viscomi (Cambridge) – Models of mitochondrial disease

  • Wei Huang  (Oxford, Engineering) - Label-free detection of single cell phenotype using Raman micro-spectroscopy

  • Alastair Nunn - Quantum hormesis and the mitochondrion; from thermal vents to cognition

The registration fee is £10 or £5 (concessions for students and retired academics) 

Please note the last date for registration is Wednesday 25th November. Register here

Abstracts for short talks and posters to be submitted to Karl Morten by 16th November.  

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