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Join us on Tuesday 31st January at 1pm-2pm to hear from Dr. Amarnath Bhide (MD, PhD, FRCOG), Consultant & Reader in Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics, St George's Hospital.

Amars’s talk is titled ‘Preventing term stillbirth: Does fetal size really matter?’



Amar Bhide is currently Consultant in Obstetrics and fetal Medicine at the St. George’s Hospital in London, United Kingdom. He is a lead for the Day Assessment Unit and honorary Reader at St. George’s University of London. He is the co-director of the MFM sub-speciality program. He is the Deputy Chief Editor for Acta Obstetricia Gynecologica Scandinavica (AOGS) and member of the editorial board for two other journals.

His research interests are in placental physiology and pathology, hypoxaemia and fetal cardiac function. His clinical interests are in invasive prenatal diagnosis and therapy, multiple pregnancy and problems with fetal growth. He has published over 180 peer-reviewed articles and many book chapters. He has co-authored five books.