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Miss Pheobe Fricker: 'Investigation into theca cell development in vitro'

12:15 pm Dr Tomiris Atazhanova: 'Can IVF protocols and practices be modified to reduce miscarriage rate after IVF?'

12:30 pm Miss Leighann Nesbeth: 'Assessment of telomere length in human cumulus cell samples'

12:45 pm Miss Montserrat Vallet Buisan: 'Exosome-mediated delivery to mammalian embryos: the development of investigative research tools and novel methods for the delivery of therapeutic agents'

1:00 pm Miss Teryn Koch: 'Variation in cell populations across placentas'

1:15 pm Miss Edie Guo: 'Development of fertility preservation techniques for patients with low follicle density'

1:30 pm Miss Alila Amangali: 'Association of endometriosis with ABO blood groups and siCAM-1

1:45 pm Mr Oleg Grebenyuk: 'Can gold nanoparticles be used to detect methylation status of sperm DNA?'