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12:00 pm Miss Ava Harrison: 'To develop a technique to generate eggs from reaggregated ovaries in vitro'

12:15 pm Dr Christine Hanna: 'The influence of embryo derived factors on the human endometrium'

12:30 pm Mr Nicholas Nicolaides: 'Investigating methods to retain the viability of immature testicular tissue during transport from source to laboratory to expand access to fertility preservation: from animals to clinical practice'

12:45 pm Miss Bridget Quinones: 'Analysis of the role of ASPP2 in the vasculature during early embryonic development using light sheet microscopy'

1:00 pm Miss Munuse Savash: 'Development of a novel test for assessment of genetic aspects of male infertility'

1:15 pm Dr Christine Tsou: 'Developing in vitro models to test approaches which can prevent a leaky gut'

1:30 pm Miss Reem Alshaiby: 'Investigating RNA cargo in endometrial derived exosomes in endometriosis'

1:45 pm Miss Kadrina Abdullah: 'Functionalisation of solid silica nanoparticles with TATpeptide for the in vitro targeting of the nucleus in mammalian sperm'