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12:15 pm Dr Grace Ross: 'Investigating RNA cargo in peritoneal fluid-derived exosomes in endometriosis'

12:30 pm Miss Devi Nadjaja: 'Investigation into the protective effect of AMH on human ovarian follicles'

12:45 pm Mr Jack Fagan: 'Preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic disease (PGTM) using long-range nanopore sequencing and CRISPR targeting'

1:00 pm Miss Skaai Davison: 'Evaluation of hormone receptor expression in cellular models of lactation'

1:15 pm Miss Rajwa Mecca: 'A three-dimensional organoid culture model to study SSC maintenance and spermatogenesis in vitro'

1:30 pm Dr Henry Agortey: 'The use of hydroxycholoquine or intralipids for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss'

1:45 pm Miss Uttara Nair: 'Developing exosome-based delivery systems for therapeutic agents to prevent testicular cell damage caused by chemo- or radiotherapy'