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10:00 am – Introduction from Professor Kevin Coward & Professor Krina Zondervan

SESSION 1 (15 minutes per candidate)
Chair Session 1: Miss Edie Guo
10:15 am – Miss Paushaly Sau: Targeting metabolic vulnerabilities of chemotherapy-resistant ovarian
10:30 am – Miss Amy Ellis: The potential therapeutic application of recombinant human Phospholipase
C zeta (PLCζ) protein.
10:45 am – Dr Omar Abouali: Understanding the role of endometriosis in heavy menstrual bleeding.
11:00 am – Miss Merve Isik: Assessing mitochondrial DNA quantity in preimplantation embryos
following meiotic spindle transfer.
11:15 am – Dr Mutmainah Sanni: Analysis of the changing tensional landscape of the developing mouse
embryo from fertilization to gastrulation.

11:30 am – COFFEE BREAK

SESSION 2 (15 minutes per candidate)
Chair Session 2: Ms Munuse Savash
11:45 am – Miss Giulianna Mosca: Investigating the role of circulating extracellular vesicles in the
insulin resistance of pregnancy.
12:00 pm – Dr Ayazhan Akhatova: Investigating the effects of peritoneal fluid and peritoneal fluid
derived extracellular vesicles on macrophage phagocytosis in endometriosis.
12:15 pm – Miss Beril Tuncer: Enhancing the targeting efficiency of HEK293T-derived exosomes
towards boar sperm.
12:30 pm – Miss Hannah Fleming: Identifying and analyzing the cellular composition of testicular
organoids developed in varying culture conditions.
12:45 pm – Miss Rachel Altman: Investigating the association between serum relaxin levels and
cardiovascular profile in pre-conception, pregnancy and the puerperium: a secondary analysis
of the Oxfordshire Women and Their Children’s Health (OxWATCH) study.
1:00 pm – Miss Desiré López González: Probing the crucial role of mitochondria in human placenta
harbouring pathogenic mutant mtDNA.

1:15 pm – LUNCH

SESSION 3 (15 minutes per candidate)
Chair Session 3: Mr Hussam Rostom
2:00 pm – Mr Sergej Petrovic: Investigation into the etiology of POF in a mouse model.
2:15 pm – Miss Francesca Ollis: Using three-dimensional (3D) immature testicular organoids as a model
to test gonadotoxic substances.
2:30 pm – Miss Eleanor Stephens: Investigation into the effect of different culture methods on follicle
development in mice ovaries.
2:45 pm – Miss Wing Ting Leung: Exploring intergenerational effects of disrupted germline insulin-like
3:00 pm – Miss Julia Cabrera Lozano: Exosome-mediated delivery to cumulus-oocyte complexes: the
development of research tools to improve oocyte maturation.

3:30 pm – CREAM TEA