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Accession Therapeutics has developed a unique viral expression system (Trocept), the first-of-its-kind engineered NOT to infect healthy tissue, that can be administered intravenously and only infect cells expressing avb6 integrin. Accession is focussing this viral platform on cancer treatment, but recent evidence has implicated avb6 integrin in endometriosis lesions. The TROCEPT platform can be loaded with transgenes (bits of DNA) encoding protein based therapeutic drugs (like antibodies) for expression only in diseased tissues (i.e., TROCEPT can deliver the transgene 'drug' into a target cell, turning it into a drug factory, which releases the payload into the local diseased tissue).



Dave is a recognised expert in immune-oncology with over 15 years’ experience, including research leading to the discovery and validation of novel drug candidates plus development of collaborations with academia and industry. In his academic career Dave has published over 100 articles, and worked as a principal investigator and Wellcome Trust Fellow at Cardiff University, where he also carried out postdoctoral work after he received his D.Phil in Molecular Immunology from the University of Oxford.