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Grants and Awards

  • Award to the best short-paper presentation by the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (Fertility 2019, Birmingham)
  • Gustav Born Scholarship by St. Peter's College (University of Oxford)
  • Graduate award by St. Peter's college Alumni Foundation

Teresa Vilanova Perez

DPhil Student

  • PI Group: Dr Kevin Coward

I joined the Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health in October 2017 to study for a DPhil under the guidance of Dr Kevin Coward funded with a Gustav Born Scholarship from St. Peter's College. My research focuses on utilising exosomes for non-invasive compound delivery into gametes. This novel tool has the potential to be used for reproductive purposes and thus treat fertility-associated problems.

I have completed an MSc (Hons) in Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology (IVI Institute) and a degree in Biotechnology at the University of Valencia. Moreover, I have taken part in developing a programme for fertility preservation for prepubertal boys with cancer at Hospital La Fe (Institute of Sanitary Research, IIS La Fe, Valencia) led by Prof. Antonio Pellicer and one of the founders of IVI RMA global. 

I am the Trainee Representative of the British Andrology Society, the president of the Oxford University Spanish Society and an executive member of the Graduate Researchers Student committee of the NDWRH.