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Omar Ammar

Omar Ammar


Omar Ammar

BSc, MSc

Research Assistant in Fertility Preservation

  • PI group: Prof Suzannah Williams

Ovarian tissue culture and fertility preservation


I completed my bachelor’s degree with honours in Medical Laboratory Technology in Iraq followed by a master’s degree in Clinical Microbiology at Jordan University of Science and Technology. I then undertook a second master’s degree at the University of Dundee in Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception funded by the Chevening Scholarship. Following my second MSc, I worked as a Clinical Embryologist in an IVF centre for three years in Iraq.

My research interest lies in translational research related to embryology and fertility preservation. Specifically, I am interested in ovarian tissue cryopreservation and in vitro culture. As part of Prof William’s group, my current research is centred on improving the current culture systems for human ovarian tissue in terms of scalability and maintaining tissue health.  

For my outreach and science-communication activities, I am currently a board member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology own journal club and was selected as a young ambassador for the society in 2021. 

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