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Miriam O'Hanlon

Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and Tissue Collection Officer

I joined the department in April 2021. As HTA and Tissue Collection Officer, I am responsible for all operational aspects of HTA compliance including oversight of training and declaration forms, reporting to the governance team any findings of material, maintaining a register of the tissue collections held in the department, and ensuring that all registered collections are compliant with the Human Tissue Act 2004. I will also be assisting Tiffany Lodge with day-to-day lab management in the Level 3 Women’s Centre labs.

Please reach out to me via email if you have any questions about tissue governance within the department.

My working hours are:

9am-5pm Wednesday

9am-5pm Thursday

9am-12:45pm Friday

I also work part-time for the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences as a urology Biobank Technician.